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About Feynman

Wuxi Feynman Technology Co., Ltd.

       Wuxi Feynman Technology Co., Ltd.( Feynman) provides services of semiconductor process and micro-nano process, and also focus on the design and marketing of wafers and final products with graphene and other 2D materials.Yu Geliang , company founder and GM, graduated from Manchester University, is now the PHD supervisor and professor of Nanjing University. With advanced micro-nano equipments and process capability, Feynman offers customized service and solutions to customers. Based on the solid education background of Nanjing University and Manchester University, Feynman has built an excellent RD team, focusing on the research, design, process and service of the 4th generation semiconductor, Micro-Electro-Mechanical System (MEMS), new grapheme materials and compound semiconductor device, etc.

Our Team
The company has nearly 20 R&D personnel, including 3 doctors, 5 masters and 6 undergraduates.
The process research and development personnel of Weina Public Platform are all from well-known domestic semiconductor companies and research institutes, and have rich experience in semiconductor process development; we are committed to building a technical team with excellent professional technology to provide each of our customers with the most professional and highest quality technical services .