Fangda Carbon daily limit graphene concept changes

In early trading on May 21st, the concept of graphene changed, Fangda Carbon raised its daily limit, Huali Family, Baotailong and so on.
In early trading today, Fangda Carbon (600516) reached a daily limit of 9.24 yuan, with a turnover of 54.609 million yuan, a turnover rate of 2.25%, an amplitude of 9.17%, and a volume ratio of 9.21.
Fangda Carbon's metal and non-metal new material industry has an overall increase of 0.77%. The leading gainer was Fangda Carbon (600516), and the leading loser was Dongfang Tantalum (6.450, -0.16, -2.42%) (000962).
In terms of funds, Fangda Carbon has incurred a total of 29.397 million yuan in the past 5 days. Today, at this time, the main funds have shown a net inflow status, with a net inflow of 164.778 million yuan.
The stock's latest margin financing data on the most recent day (May 20, 2020) is: financing balance of 16,526,424 yuan, 13,912,300 shares, financing purchase of 36,318,600 yuan, and net purchase of -4.2223 million yuan.
The latest quarterly report for 2020 shows that the company achieved operating income of 821 million yuan, net profit of 77.836 million yuan, earnings per share of 0.03 yuan, and price-earnings ratio of 16.54.
In terms of institutional ratings, in the past six months, one broker gave advice on overweight, and one broker gave neutral advice.
Fangda Carbon's main business is the production, processing, wholesale and retail of graphite and carbon products. The latest periodic report shows that the number of shareholders (households) of the company is 233,800, a decrease of 4.24% compared with the previous reporting period.