Allwin AW610

Allwin AW610 RTP设备.jpg


Instrument Introduction

The rapid heat treatment equipment is mainly used for defect elimination/activation of impurities after ion implantation of silicon and compound semiconductor materials, formation of silicide, preparation of ohmic/Schottky contact after metal deposition, eliminating film stress, improving film adhesion, etc.


Maximum temperature range: 150℃-1100℃; heating rate 10-180℃/sec, pre-settable, overshoot temperature within 3℃; sealed quartz box size: 210×140×14mm, suitable for substrates up to 6" and below; PC control, programmable, real-time temperature curve display and storage function; double closed-loop temperature control, steady-state temperature stability ± 2℃.

Application range

The device has good long-term working stability and functions of rapid temperature rise and slow temperature rise and fall, so it can also be used for heat treatment of various semiconductor materials PVD/CVD process.