Kurt Lesker magnetron sputtering equipment

Kurt Lesker磁控溅射设备.jpg

Instrument Introduction

The Kurt Lesker Lab-line magnetron sputtering equipment imported from the United States can continuously vapor deposit three kinds of metal and oxide materials in a single-step process. DC and RF modes are optional.


The background pressure of the cavity can reach 2E-8 Torr, the evaporation rate is 0.1A/s~10A/s; the film thickness uniformity is ±2%. It can be adjusted according to different material characteristics. Special jigs can be used to process substrates of non-standard sizes.

Application range

It can be used for Pt, Au, Ti, Cr, Al, Ag, Ni, Ge, W and other metal coatings, and it can also be used for the deposition of oxides and metal oxide semiconductor materials such as SIO2, ITO, etc. The advantage of high precision of film thickness control.


4 inch silicon wafer sputtered graphite


Resin material sputtered nickel


Glass sheet metal electrode


Special material silver-plated particles


Silicon wafer base metal electrode