NXQ 4006 UV double-sided lithography machine

NXQ 4006紫外双面光刻机.jpg

Instrument Introduction

Lithography/UV Aligner. This model is a contact, proximity lithography machine that can be aligned for exposure on both sides.


Lithography parameters:

Substrate size: 5mm*5mm~100mm*100mm chip; Φ2"~Φ6" wafer;

Mask size: 2.5"~7"

Alignment accuracy: ± 0.5μm

Resolution: 0.6μm

Application range

It can be applied to the research and development and production of MEMS devices, thin film transistors, infrared sensors, lasers and other semiconductor products. It is suitable for various substrate materials such as Si, GaN, GaAs, InGaAs, InP, quartz wafers, sapphire wafers, etc., and suitable for different substrate sizes such as chips and wafers.