Raman spectrometer


Raman spectrometer is an instrument for measuring molecular vibrational spectrum, which can be used to analyze the structural characteristics of various materials such as organic compounds, inorganic compounds, macromolecule polymers, and biofilms. inVia can continuously scan a wide range of Raman spectra at one time, without the need to connect. With confocal and mapping functions: point, line, and surface can be scanned point by point.

Main Specifications

Equipped with laser: 488nm, 785nm;

High-speed grating feedback platform (HSES): 100nm step length, travel range 112 mm x 76 mm;

Spectral range: 10cm ־¹ ~ 9000 cm ־¹;

Spectral resolution: 1cm ־¹;

Luminous efficiency: greater than 30%;

Sample requirements: solid, solution, and gas samples;